Ag Drainage

  • Multiple years of Ag Drainage experience
  • Knowledge of Kentucky soil types and geography
  • Mapping that allows for future expansion and data analysis
  • Motivated and timely
  • Advanced technology and equipment
  • Hydromaxx 3300 with Bon Double Link plow
  • On-board reel
  • Less chance of pipe damage and line compaction

Economic Advantage

  • Improved land values
  • Income tax implications
  • Internal rate of return –– estimated 18-30% based upon crop yield increases
  • Free estimates

Reasons To Install Ag Drainage Tile

  • More consistent yields
  • More efficient use of resources
  • Reduces financial risk
  • Earlier and more timely planting
  • Improved harvesting conditions
  • Less wear and tear on equipment
  • Less power required for field operations
  • Better plant stands
  • Less plant stress
  • Fewer plant diseases
  • Less soil compaction