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AGREM Contour Drainage Systems

Do you need a drainage system on your farm and want the best?
Then you need an AGREM Contoured Drainage System.
Advanced Water Management Systems
  • Contour Drainage Systems
  • Controlled Drainage Systems
  • Subirrigation Systems
  • Nitrogen and Effluent Application Systems
Review these benefits:

  • Superior drainage
  • Custom designed to your fields
  • Uniform tile depth
  • Intercepts water flow
  • Reduced surface erosion
  • Can be upgraded to subirrigation

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AGREM Subirrigation Systems

The Ultimate Solution To Water Management



  • Superior drainage
  • Sub surface irrigation
  • Uniform tile depth
  • Low labor costs
  • Low pumping costs
  • Permanent system

AGREM Controlled Drainage Systems

Having an AGREM Controlled Drainage System installed keeps your water on your field during summer and helps the environment.



  • Reduces nitrogen runoff
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Retains water on hills
  • Superior drainage
  • Uniform tile depth
  • Can be upgraded to sub irrigation

AGREM Nitrogen and Effluent Application Systems

The most advanced method of applying your nitrogen and liquid livestock effluent around today.


The first AGREM Effluent Application System installed at Illinois State University.


Pumping station for an AGREM Nitrogen Application System.

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